Book Spotlight: Millstone of Doubt

Although it still feels like summer where I live, autumn's cooler weather is just around the corner. It's the time of year when I am most drawn to mysteries, thrillers, and gothic tales. One such book that perfectly fits the bill is Millstone of Doubt by Erica Vetsch, the second in her Thorndike and Swann... Continue Reading →

The It Girl

Ruth Ware is an auto-buy author for me; I've loved her first six novels, and I'm always ready for whatever is next! Her latest release is The It Girl, a dual-timeline, dark academia thriller about uncovering who really murdered a best friend all those years ago. Because the guy who went to prison for it... Continue Reading →


This month my reading challenge is all about Dark Academia. Following The Betrayals, my second read was Madam by Phoebe Wynne. Set in a remote Scottish boarding school for girls, new teacher Rose Christie is aggravated by the many secrets coworkers and students alike are keeping from her. And is it just her imagination, or... Continue Reading →

Book Spotlight: An Autumn Kiss

In just two days, it will finally be fall -- my favorite season! It's the perfect timing for a new book that's out today: An Autumn Kiss, part of the Timeless Victorian Collection, featuring short stories by Laura Rollins, Annette Lyon, and Lisa H. Catmull. Each of the stories looks so sweet. One is a... Continue Reading →

The Betrayals

Three years ago, I read and absolutely loved The Binding by Bridget Collins. It is one of my all-time favorite books. So I was excited when the author's second adult novel, The Betrayals, was announced. Though I've had it for the past year, I'm only now finally getting to it as part of my Dark... Continue Reading →

Book Spotlight: The Winter Orphans

Today, a powerful new book by Kristin Beck hits shelves: The Winter Orphans, set in southern France in 1942. Château de la Hille is a run-down castle that's become home to a hundred Jewish refugees. Ella and Hanni are just two of the children there, without their parents and stuck in a seemingly endless war.... Continue Reading →

Mr. Malcolm’s List

Two years ago, Suzanne Allain released her novel Mr. Malcolm's List. I've been planning to read it since then, but now that the movie adaptation is out, I knew I couldn't wait any longer. I opted for the audiobook version, narrated by Elizabeth Knowelden, before immediately watching the film. While fairly different, both versions were... Continue Reading →

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